whole lotta working out goin’ on

11 Jul

Thursday: yoga, bootcamp, tabata/yoga


child’s pose
down dog
standing fold/rag doll

sun a
sun b
4x each

standing balance — tree pose?

vinyasa to warrior I (R) to warrior II repeat
in w2 lock fingers behind back, head to knee, back to w2
extended side angle
peaceful warrior
vinyasa and repeat

vinyasa to mt – forward fold – wide leg fold – goddess – garland – vinyasa to seated

seated fold – reverse plank – seated head to knee R/L
vinyasa to dd — slow vinyasa from dd to seated to 1/2 lord of the fishes and repeat

from dd to plank to hover to belly – bow — up dog — dd — seated — 1/2 hero head to knee R/L [ or pigeon ]  – vinyasa

from dd to belly — 1/2 frog R/L – locust – child – cat/cow – thread needle from table – puppy pose –
come to back and roll side to side knees to chest — 🙂 baby
reclined twist — savasana

workout #2: bootcamp
warm up then 2 rounds of 45/10:
oh press – chest flyes – db squats – db lunges – one leg deadlift – bicycles
5 min cardio then round 2
5 min cardio (?) then
DB clean and press squat ladder 1-5
db snatch ladder 1-5
run bridge — depending on time we’ll just run out and back or suicide

workout #3: tabata/yoga

  1. jacks – high knees – butt kick – squat
  2. air squats – hindu plyo squats
  3. db swing with squat (heavy)
  4. box jumps/donkey kicks
  5. push ups 3 ways
  6. plank — toe to shoulder, side with lower knee tuck

yoga stretch — 15-20 min:

child – cat/cow – dd – forward fold – mt – sun salutation – ext side angle – triangle – standing wide fold – lunge twist – bow – pigeon – one leg reclined ham stretch – savasana


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