Pretty Lazy Day

7 Jul

Lazy day today. My throat has been scratchy for a couple of days so taking it easy

Sunny yesterday so we went to the pool. I swear I put on sunscreen but this happened


Don’t yell at me. I know better. I don’t know what happened.

On to this week:
Workouts —
Monday – beginner bootcamp (30 min), Tabata (30 min), c25k/butt & gut (60 min)
Tuesday – yoga, bootcamp
Wednesday – c25k/butt & gut, Pilates
Thursday – yoga, bootcamp, Tabata/yoga (30 min Tabata, 15-20 min yoga)
Fri – maybe an easy long run? Personal training class fri 4-10 I think
Sat – personal training class 8-1
Sun – off!

Taco night, pesto chicken & veg, fresh pasta & meatballs, salmon & veg, veg burgers, ordering pizza or frozen pizza for the family fri pm (training is out of town)

I’ll be back with workout details later!


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