Tabata Friday

5 Jul

So I’ll be gone the next 2 Friday’s — next weekend for Personal Trainer Certification and the following for Group Power Certification (similar to Body Pump). I’ll be teaching Tabata today and here’s what I’m thinking:

Tabata Friday

1  jacks/high knees/butt kicks/squat pulses

2 jump lunge 3x + stretch 10lbs db / jump lunges

3 spider push ups / push ups

4 wide squat with leg lift + db / air squats

5 plank + ski squat with db / burpees

6 plank pull across db / Turkish get ups

Turkish Get ups

So I have to admit this — my weight is not making me happy. I don’t think I’m particularly fat so to speak and I am pretty healthy but I’m not what I want to be, plain and simple. So I am going to do something about it.

Plan A: diet. ugh. my diet isn’t horrible . . . before dinner. after dinner is where things fall apart — i think it’s that i am usually so busy all day and when i sit down it’s night and i get bored. not bored as in i have nothing to do but bored as in not doing anything. so i snack — popcorn, chips, wine, and so on. so part 1 of the diet plan: stop mindless after dinner snacking. i need to make some gifts for all my 100 million pregnant friends (ok only 3 but seriously, what’s in the water y’all?) so that will keep my hands occupied [knitting baby gifts]. wine. weakness there – not that i’m some kind of lush but i enjoy my nightly glass . . . or 3 of wine. and that’s fine but those are empty useless calories doing me no favors. so . . .  that will be phase 2. not cutting out wine but cutting down — maybe 1 glass instead of 3 and not every night. part 3: carbs. i am a big fan of carbs. i just like them. but they don’t like me. that said, i don’t do well cutting them out 100% so after some research and thought: cutting carbs at and after dinner every day and cutting them in 1/2 at lunch 4 days a week (like mon – thurs). I’m still taking catalyst and spark and thermoplus from the failed AdvoCare experiment — i’ll probably keep them for now.

Recap: Diet changes

stop snacking after dinner

cut down on wine consumption

cut out carbs at dinner and after

cut carbs in 1/2 at lunch Mon-Thurs

maintain catalyst & thermoplus supplements — i’m open to suggestions here by they way. i don’t mind these supplements but they are $$$ even with 20% discount so if anyone has any better ideas, let me know. i want something to aid in fat loss/muscle gain (last time i had an assessment i am like 65% muscle 35% fat and i’d rather be 80/20 or so)

Plan B: weights — i do some weight stuff in bootcamp but i either need to do more or do it on my own. so there’s that.

Plan C: long run. i need to do a long run 1x a week for my own sanity and to prep for Nov Tough Mudder (YEA!) — starting next weekend or so with 4-5 miles and adding 1-2 a week up to 13 miles by Nov. Not going for speed, just going. I love running and I love running on my own and with teaching schedule and injury i’ve let it slide.

any other ideas? thanks for reading!


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