Monday workouts

1 Jul

3 workouts coming at ya:

Beginner Bootcamp (30 min, low impact)

warm up: crescent lunge side bend, straighten leg chest to knee, side lunges, standing knee to elbow, repeat other side

Legs 30/10 x3

  • 180 squats (squat, flip it around stepping) — i always stay low impact with this class but if people want to jump this, have at it!
  • rev lunge + knee R
  • rev lunge + knee L
  • squat taps R
  • squat taps L
  • curtsey lunge with knee lift R
  • curtsey lunge with knee lift L
  • pulse squat to stand (3 pulses to stand)

again, all this is low impact. to increase intensity add jumps or kicks or weights!

Core: 30/10 x1 

  • walk to plank, alt knee to chest
  • plank out out in in (plank – step legs out wide and back in)
  • lateral side to side push up (or hold plank)
  • plank to T
  • plank row to tri ext

Tabata (30 min am)

I usually skip the warm up . . . mostly it’s the same people from beginner bootcamp

20/10 with 30 sec between cycles:

  1. squats/squat jumps
  2. one leg V up R/L
  3. push up/spider push up (or spider plank)
  4. burpees + push up/burpees + plank jack
  5. alternating lunges/split jump lunges
  6. woodchop R/L

Tabata (60 min pm)

20/10 with 45 sec between cycles:

  1. warm up: crescent lunge side bend R/straighten leg, head to knee R/side lunge dynamic/standing alt knee to elbow – repeat L
  2. high knees/butt kicks
  3. zottman curl/plank row to tricep ext
  4. weighted skaters/weighted jacks
  5. weighted alt lunges/weighted one leg forward lunge hops
  6. oh press/rev fly
  7. burpees + push up/burpees + plank jack
  8. goblet squats/weighted 3 pulse squat jumps
  9. squat jacks/air jacks
  10. butterfly sit ups/v ups
  11. plank/side plank


standing: forward fold — low lunge R — down dog — pigeon R — down dog — pigeon L — low lunge L — forward fold

seated: forward fold — one leg chest to knee R — bound angle — chest to knee L — bound angle — forward fold — 1/2 lord of fishes R — 1/2 lord of fishes L — savasana



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