running still hurts. *&^%$#@

11 Jun

ran a little in class on Mon and my stupid foot. i can’t run fast to begin with and this pain is super slowing me down. i don’t have a clue what to do. taking off from sat – the following sunday so that should help. i’ll probably gain 700 lbs too.

today — back and biceps bootcamp

warm up — arm circles, leg swings, squats, lunges, jacks

supersets! do each set 2x each 50/10

  • bent row one arm – R/L
  • sumo squat kicks – R/L
  • seated db lat pulldown

    seated db lat pulldown

  • jump squats
  • plank row
  • high knees
  • lying lateral raise
  • box jumps
  • deltoid squeeze
  • leg lowers (one leg crossed at knee)
  • hammer curls
  • jumps squats
  • OH press
  • plank to push up
  • bicep curls
  • run stairs (rather than time here do 5x)
  • back extension with light db — 4 sets

run 1 mile

abs on the ball (we did not get to these yesterday)


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