“ow eechy”

9 Jun

hey y’all. i’ve done yoga the last 3 days and i swear i’m more tense. i have been trying to give my body a break – at least from the high impact stuff. i swear i’ve gained 15 lbs. speaking of. advocare.

advocare. oh y’all. i am SO disappointed. i did not lose ANYTHING – inches, lbs, nothing after the 10 day cleanse. i have no clue why – i (obviously) workout, i changed my eating habits — cutting out sugar, processed foods, alcohol (!) and increasing calories through snacks and i switched my heavier meal from dinner to lunch. and NOTHING. i think my cousin thinks i hate her – of course that isn’t true; it must just be me and my dumbass metabolism (or lack of). pissed i spent so much money — i was doing fine not spending money and maintaining weight (and still drinking alcohol and eating sugar thank you very much). i talked to my cousin (who is not a dr, i might add) and while no one seems to have any clue why the supplements didn’t work – seriously, i even kept up with my fitness pal  — my cousin sent me a consolation prize of 2 canisters of spark, 2 packs of pouches and a thing of catalyst. i have added a multi-vitamin and i’m going to stick with the catalyst & i went ahead and opened the thermoplus that i ordered – i don’t know if it works but it’s already here.

what a good distributor i am, eh? here’s the thing — even though it didn’t work for me, my cousin has lost 40 freaking lbs. obviously it does something. or maybe it only works for people who have crappy diets and no fitness in their life before advocare? i haven’t thrown in the towel — spark is good stuff and you should order some (from me, duh) – and if you have a crappy diet, you should try the challenge. if nothing else, i am more conscious of what i put in my mouth. though admittedly i went off the deep end this weekendScreen shot 2013-06-09 at 3.38.15 PM

So, 3 days of yoga and i’m really ready to get some cardio in — neuroma and all.

Monday: 30 min beginner bootcamp, 30 min tabata, 60 min bootcamp

Beginner Bootcamp: 

  • warm up — jacks, hamstring stretch, high knees, jacks (all modified)
  • 1 min intervals, 15 sec rest, 2 rounds:
  • shuffle 3 steps each way, alternating lunges, bicycles, mt climbers
  • abs (1 min ea, 2 rounds):
  • double leg extension
  • modified starfish side plank


  1. split jumps/ice picks
  2. heel clicks/line jumps
  3. crazy burpees/jump lunges
  4. band push ups/pulse jump lunges
  5. static lunge band bicep curls/star jacks
  6. plank/bicycles

Bootcamp: chest & triceps

warm up: step up and across, jog in place, squat (slow), arm circles, jacks

3 rounds, 40/20:

  • bb bench press — increase weight each round
  •  incline db press
  • push ups (2 min)
  • close grip bb bench press
  • tricep kickbacks
  • skull crushers

**if it’s not raining** **if my foot can handle it**

setting my timer and we’ll run 5 min then lunge 2 min, run 2 min alt for about 15-20 min

rain plan: 20 min HIIT

50 sec jump rope alternated with 20/10 of:

  • push ups
  • skaters
  • lunge stomps R
  • lunge stomps L
  • high knees
  • star jacks

abs on the ball: weighted crunches, oblique, plank, glute lowers — 2 min each

That should do it. I hope my foot is ok — i have read some about neuromas and it’s not going to go away if that is indeed what’s going on. i will just have to hope for the best. *sigh*

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