well this isn’t going to be easy

5 Jun

bad news at the chiro today — muscle in my shoulder isn’t doing what the doc wants it to and he casually mentioned that he thinks the muscle might be torn. which an MRI could confirm but $$$. i also have a neuroma in my right foot. which an MRI could confirm but $$$. he taped my shoulder and shrugged, told me to ice my foot and come back friday.

i’m not very happy. 

in other news it’s day 24 — i’ll let you know full AdvoCare 24 day challenge results tomorrow. don’t get too excited – they are going to be small. i have maybe 10 lbs to lose/convert to muscle so this is going to be a process. i know, i have a hard life. evidently i’m going to have to get a new job if i keep falling apart like this.

which i am in the process of doing – have i mentioned that i have 2 master’s degrees + 30 graduate hours in philosophy? well, it’s true. so i’m applying as an adjunct around town. there’s a few community colleges hiring. cross your fingers.

what else? oh, yea, workouts 🙂

tuesday was odd – had a guy show up in crocs so we did not go run. i did a random 30 sec on/10 sec off circuit a few rounds plus the 10 min amrap at the beginning. it was just odd. coupled with the whole is my class too easy problem . . . anyway – thursday. i *think* it’s supposed to rain/i have sharp nails in my foot so we’re going to run inside (and i might even skip that part)


simple mobility warm up

circuit 1: 

  • run across & back room 2x
  • OH walking lunges with db (outside room)
  • squats 70x
  • reverse OH walking lunges with db (outside room)
  • db push press 35x
  • run out and back 4x
  • db thrusters 15x
  • walking lunges no weight (outside room)
  • burpees 35x
  • reverse walking lunges no weight (outside room)
  • wall balls 35x
  • run out and back 6x
  • jump rope 70x
  • run out and back 8x

repeat from the top

circuit 2: 

  • squats 25x
  • push ups 20x
  • lunges 26x
  • bridge chest press 10x
  • flutter kicks 50x
  • jacks 30x
  • supermans 10x



later that night — Tabata! followed by unofficial pilates/yoga stretch (i’m thinking about 15ish min)

  1. jog-high knees – jacks – butt kick x2
  2. db swings (2 arm)/jump rope
  3. floppy burpees/squat jumps
  4. punch & squat/split jumps
  5. star jacks/db thrusters
  6. dolphin plank/side plank knee to elbow

Stretch: hold each pose 5-10 breaths — even if no one stays, i’m going to do this part

  • mt pose
  • standing forward fold
  • plank to belly to cobra easing into up dog
  • child’s pose
  • down dog – walk heels one at a time then both together
  • child’s pose
  • low squat, knees wide
  • forward fold hands behind back and lift
  • down dog to lunge to warrior 2 to arms OH knee straight a few times to w2 hold
  • down dog repeat all on R side
  • down dog
  • forward fold
  • child’s pose
  • savasana
  • easy pose




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