3 Jun

2 days off in a row, y’all! i feel like a million bucks! and ready to get back to it —

Monday am: Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

pm: Intermediate Tabata (not a regular class for me; new class but instructor can’t be there tomorrow)

Beginner Bootcamp:

mobility warm up

  • 30 jacks
  • 20 standing push ups
  • 20 alt lunges
  • 5 regular/or 20 standing push ups
  • jog in place 1 min
  • butt kicks 1 min
  • walk a loop 1 min
  • plank 1 min


  • 10/ea mt climbers
  • 15 air squats
  • 5 inchworms
  • 15 supermans
  • 15 butterfly crunches
  • 20 push up to planks (knee push up, up to full plank, back to knee push up)


if time repeat from the top



  1. high knees/skaters
  2. reverse lunges/plie squats
  3. burpees/star jacks
  4. bridge kicks/push ups
  5. mt climbers/tuck jumps
  6. squat taps/bicycles

PM: (hour class)

  1. squats/quiet burpees/jacks/inchworms
  2. burpees/plank jacks
  3. turbo lunges/alt front kick
  4. mt climbers/squat thrust
  5. reverse lunge + front kick (alt legs/round)
  6. star jacks/split jumps
  7. one arm db swing
  8. speed skaters/high knees
  9. goblet squat/squat pulse
  10. in in out out squat jacks/butt kicks
  11. toyota jump squats/body builder burpees/power jacks/spider push ups
  12. dolphin plank/side plank front kick



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