Tabata Friday! + AdvoCare Cleanse results

24 May

Happy long weekend Friday, y’all! Anyone got big Memorial Day plans? I’ve got the day off from the gym so we’re going to go to the POOL! Horray! First “official” day of summer! Should I try out the new 2 piece I got in Feb? *nervous*

First — AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse is DONE! Happy to be rid of that fiber drink – it’s not bad but certainly not something I’d go out of my way for (FYI if you decide to do this get the Peaches & Cream flavor NOT Citrus! Unless you like Metamucil . . . )


Weight lost in 10 days: 3lbs! (I freaked out about this at first but then talked with another mentor and think about this: I have *maybe* 10 lbs to lose so it’s going to happen slower than if I had 83 lbs to lose – this is the whole reason I’m even doing this thing. I was +50 lbs post pregnancy (ok post a year later . . . ) and it came off pretty quickly when I started exercising/cleaning up my diet just a little bit and now I’ve hit a plateau that I want to bust through

Inches lost (this is total body): 3.5 and yay not from chest 😉 sadly also not from waist. sheesh.

Again, I freaked out about this too but same rules apply – I don’t have tons to lose but I do have inches to turn into rock hard muscle so this is a great start. The mentor (also a fitness instructor) I spoke with said that she lost about 2 lbs on cleanse and 5 on burn but with a total of like 12 inches or something to that effect.

What’s happening now? Burn, baby! I’m in phase 2 and taking MNS Max 3 (click on the instructional flier to see details) — it’s tons of super-charged stuff — I started it yesterday and I tell you, I had TONS of energy whether due to this or what but I usually can’t do 100 burpees easily AND not be sore the next day!

If you are interested in ordering products – know that however you go about doing it unless it is through Amazon or something you will never be alone. I got into this through my cousin and we talk/text daily now. I had a call with both her and mentor last night regarding what I’m doing and how best to use the products (more on that in a minute). It’s a great company with great products and a great support system to keep you motivated and successful. ok, enough of that.

Last thing — after convo with cousin/mentor it turns out – get this – I’m NOT eating enough! What? Well — I almost never have snacks and breakfast is sometimes a fail and I have my heavier meal at dinner. New plan: #1 eat more. Yes! so I packed some non-perishable snacks like almonds to keep in my bag/car and I’m planning to order some Muscle Gain to use as recovery and/or  afternoon snack — including snacks will be key to getting more (healthy) calories. I’m also switching dinner/lunch meals. I usually have a salad for lunch and a carb/veg/protein for dinner so flopping that (or having a meal replacement shake). Day 1: success! I had overnight oats for breakfast, a low carb/peanut butter/1/2 banana snack, carb/protein/veg for lunch AND managed to get in the pills at the right time (you take one pack before breakfast, 2 with and one 30 min before lunch) as well as eat within 30 min of taking pills.

I’m tracking all this on My Fitness Pal (pinkcat35) and even with all the food/extra food I’m still under calorie goal by 500 calories. Here’s to a glass of wine, y’all!

Ok, enough about my diet. On to the workout. 















Whatever. You know you want some Tabata.

Here’s the plan:

  1. power jacks / rev alt lunges with mb
  2. burpee w/ push up & plank jacks (these were so awesome yesterday!) / hindu squats
  3. push ups (maybe offer handstand push ups or walk ups as an option?) / dips
  4. fast feet holding mb / wall balls
  5. lunge pops (pulse 3x on 4th hop and land same leg) — alt each round
  6. plank R/L with 4 mt climbers between / reverse plank w/ alt leg lifts



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