yoga AND bootcamp

22 May

Thursday is a yoga/bootcamp day – yoga in the am and bootcamp in the late afternoon. feedback i got from yoga on Tues was mixed – i should tell you about the instructor before i go any further. she teaches . . . odd. i am friends with her outside of class (we’ve known each other about 5 years i think) so i go to her class to support her but it is NOT a style of yoga that i could EVER teach – basically what she does is this:

light candles

breath for what seems like a freaking eternity

1/2 sun salutation

a pose – something crazy easy like mountain. seriously.

adjust people – depending on the class size this can take forever.

release. talk about things.

another pose. adjust people.

child’s pose. adjust people.

lying spinal twist.


seriously it’s the weirdest yoga class i’ve ever taken – it’s like she’s picking a pose of the day and saying ok, class, today we’re going to learn triangle (except we haven’t learned anything that challenging . . . )

So feedback for my class (see previous post) was mixed – an older lady told me it was too fast which i will chalk up at least in part to nerves but honestly i did not think it was fast at all – it was exactly an hour and flowed (i thought) really nicely. another friend was only there about 1/2 the class and she said it was great – that pacing was good. i did 1/2 sun salutation, ssA then ssB and we did them slow, slow, little faster, with breath and then poses we held for 5-10 breaths each. so whatever. i know you can’t please everyone and i know too that yoga is such a personal thing – when i say YOGA everyone immediately has some image of what this is in mind.

Class Thursday: Yoga

opening: theme of the class is ‘appreciate your body’ 🙂 notice any parts of your body that need care or attention. be happy with yourself and your body – it does amazing things every day

  • breath: in – in – in – out (repeat several times) adding movement: in (arms overhead) – in (arms wide to the sky) – in (arms overhead) – out (ragdoll) repeat several times
  • arm swings — like a kid, swing arms side to side (think floppy)

dynamic warm up

  • fold to all 4’s and cat/cow several breaths
  • down dog to knees several breaths
  • 1/2 sun salute
  • sun salute A
  • sun salute B

do each slow – slow – slow – a little faster – a little faster – with breath one time

Active Poses:

starting in down dog:

  • lift R leg
  • low lunge
  • warrior II
  • extended side angle
  • reverse warrior
  • low lunge
  • high plank
  • down dog
  • repeat L

repeat series several times


  • child’s pose – 1 min
  • hip circles (10 each direction)
  • down dog
  • lunge R – back knee taps floor and up
  • half split (lunge forward to forearms)
  • down dog
  • repeat L

Repeat series if desired

  • forward fold to chair 5x

  • downward dog
  • triangle R
  • extended side angle
  • downward dog
  • repeat L

repeat series 2 or 3x

depending on time:

  • low lunge hands to mat
  • down dog
  • pigeon R/L
  • happy cow
  • wide leg forward fold
  • bound angle
  • reclined bound angle
  • reclined twist

Relaxing sequence: 5-10 breaths each

  • child’s pose
  • hero
  • camel
  • down dog
  • pigeon R
  • down dog
  • pigeon L
  • bow
  • butterfly
  • legs up the wall
  • reclining twist

finish in savasana with a guided “thank your body” meditation:

bring awareness to ___ (for ex, your feet). how has ___ supported you in life? thank ___ for all it has done for you.

closing: poem by ee cummings with hands in thunderbolt seal (crossed in front of chest)

Gah. this post is long. back later with bootcamp. 


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