AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse Day 7

19 May

Update: I know you’re supposed to wait to weigh/measure until day 11 but I went ahead and did it yesterday (day 6) just to see. Happy to report that I have lost 4 lbs (current weight: 139!) and 1″ from chest, hips and thighs (4″ total!) — 4 days left including today so stay tuned.

I’m going to continue the entire challenge after the cleanse phase — they call it “burn” phase so I will not be taking the herbal cleanse tablets but instead MNS 3 (I think it’s called) which is a thermogenic. Never taken one before so will let you know.

Overall, totally happy with results so far and excited to see what’s next. Only complaint is that I’ve been sick nearly the whole time and I haven’t enjoyed that and I also REALLY MISS COFFEE! It’s just not morning without coffee. I like the Spark drink and all but it’s just not coffee. *sigh*

If you want to join me on this challenge, go HERE! 🙂

Join me!


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