land of the living?

16 May

I think I’m on the mend – gonna try Bootcamp today (stations — so I can do something without going too overboard!)

AdvoCare update: Day 4: I miss coffee. This cleanse is stupid. Why would anyone want to live without coffee? See, feeling better. In all seriousness, I am feeling better and I really don’t have anything to say one way or the other about the cleanse. I’m only at day 4 though.

Last night I needed carbs so made a chickpea curry served over brown rice. I think it was spicy but I can’t smell much so who knows. I think it was good? I know I don’t do well without carbs so I did feel better after eating it. 

On the menu for tonight: Gluten free spaghetti with sugar free tomato sauce (and meat added to mr man’s). I think I might be “technically” cheating by eating pasta but at least it’s gluten free and I need some “feel good” food.

On to the workout: Hopefully we can do this outside! The skies are a little cloudy and looks like rain . . . maybe it will hold off till later! if we are inside, all running will be done on machines — rowing, treadmill, stairs, etc

short inside warm up then we’ll head outside and everyone will do 2 laps around the Y (it’s proab 1/4 mile?) then we’ll meet in the parking lot for stations (hopefully about 3-4 people per station)

Station 1: 45/15 x2

  • side to side hops the length of parking space
  • mb squat to press
  • russian twist (bodyweight)
  • 1 arm assisted push up (one arm tucked close to body to assist, most of work done with other arm extended far from body)

We will then all run the same short loop around the Y

Station 2: 30/10 x3

  • band bicep curls
  • OH mb lunge
  • T plank with hip drop
  • globe jumps

Run longer loop towards bridge and back

Station 3: timer on this one is the people at the dolphin plank station. one at a time, each person there will run the short loop. after all have gone, we’ll rotate stations

  • push ups
  • mb woodchop
  • dolphin plank
  • rev lunge with hops

Run longer loop — towards bridge and back to Y

I think this will take about an hour — if we have time, we’ll head inside for abs


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