A workout and some business

6 May

business stuff first — i’m now an Advocare distributor! my cousin has been involved since jan of this year and i finally decided it couldn’t hurt anything – the products are in line with my own beliefs and i’m excited to try them and work while still being able to stay home with my daughter. i’ll keep y’all posted on my own experiences – i’m going to do a 10 day herbal cleanse starting next week and i’m going to add an amino acid supplement that will hopefully help me get the results i want from my workouts. if you want to check out the products, here’s a link to my website. i’ll post before, during and after stats & photos so y’all can keep up with me and feel free to encourage me 🙂

On to the workout — Tuesday is just a bootcamp day and we’re going to do a little cardio, a little resistance. it’s supposed to rain again so we’ll be inside

warm up: sit ups/supermans/arm circles/leg swings/deadlift to OH press — 2x ea

  • cheerleader press with band and light db – :60
  • jacks :30
  • chest press with band and light db :60
  • squat jumps :30
  • squat and curl with band and light db :60
  • jump lunges :30
  • rest and repeat 1x

Cheerleader Press — we’ll add bands along with DB

  • jacks – pull downs – bent over rows – squat jumps – chest press – chest fly – jump lunge – bicep curl – tri ext (all these to failure)

  • squat jumps :30
  • chest press x12
  • one arm rows x12/ea
  • rest and repeat 4x

  • spiderman burpees (3)
  • jump lunges (6)
  • x body mt climbers (6)
  • rep 3-6 min (dep on time)

Rock on, Joseph Pilates!

  • side plank with leg raise 15x
  • triangle press with weight 15x/side
  • plank arm fly leg lift 15x/side
  • superman roll to teaser 15x


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