A day off

5 May

Y’all. My first day of not exercising in over a month. Hoping my feet feel better. Back at it Sunday. Summer Shape Up class (through the end of May) – it’s kind of like Bootcamp but my partner instructor and I have toned it down some as the class is full of first timers as well as regulars. Here’s what I’m thinking for tomorrow [I think it’s supposed to rain so it’ll be an inside class]:

Warm up: (@5 min)
walking lunges
high knees
inch worms

Cardio 2 min between each circuit (Jacks/High Knees/Butt Kicks/Skaters/Burpees/Jump Rope, etc)

Circuit 1: 60/15
plie squats (arms crossed at chest level)
spider plank
one leg hip bridge R/L
toe touches alt sides

Circuit 2: 60/15
squat knee up twist alt sides
bent row/fly
plank in and outs
tricep dips
squat knee up twist alt sides

Circuit 3: 60/15
squat press
renegade rows
lying elbow/knee touches R/L
crunches with leg extension

Circuit 4: 60/15
high knees twist
squats arms crossed at chest
push ups on knees one leg up
mt climbers
tricep dips one leg up

Repeat from top per time allowing — I think this is about 35 min so far

Finisher: 30 sec each exercise no rest
Squats or squat jumps
Blast-Off Push-ups — on toes and hands rock back and forth
In and Out Squats or squat jacks
Crab Walks — forward and back
Mountain Climbers
Stationary Running

We’ll do some Pilates type abs to end and some Yoga stretches 😉

I’m thinking of incorporating this Monday!


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