Namaste, y’all!

25 Apr


Hi there. I’ve not had a moment to update this old blog — last weekend I did a 2 day yoga certification. Prior to that I had to meet my sister (husband was working this past weekend so not available to watch Harper) so she could take Harper for the weekend. First time away for more than 1 night. She did great (and so did I!) – in fact, she didn’t even want to come home!

Monday I subbed for another instructor and no one showed up. Great. That meant only Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata & Bootcamp with a 4 hour trip in between to pick up Harper.

Tuesday was just Bootcamp though I did my friend Heather’s beginner yoga class in the am (it’s not difficult and I MUCH prefer a more athletic type yoga such as this one I just did at home. That said, I like Heather and I want to learn as much as I can about yoga and it’s the only class I can get to right now and it’s pretty hard to get things done at home – totally lucked out today. Guess the stars were just in line?).

Wed subbed again – Sculpt, Beginner Bootcamp & Pilates

And now we’re at Thursday — Bootcamp and Pilates. I’ll get to the workout in a minute 🙂

Friday subbing again — some kind of cardio class (I think it’s a step class but I’m not coordinated enough to teach step) and Pilates.

Sat & Sun are Summer Shape Up & Sat I am also leading a Healthy Kids 30 min Bootcamp and 30 min Pilates. Should be fun.

So the plan for Thursday:

After the warmup:

Circuit 1: 2 rounds 45/15

squat db swing/lunge twist r/lunge twist l/ deadlift to goalpost arms twist/side burpees/180 squat jumps

Circuit 2: outside. Shuttle run to Melrose. Suicides: 1/3, 2/3, all the way; all the way, 2/3, 1/3 then 6 sprints 1/3

Circuit 3: Repeat Circuit 1 2x

Finisher/Abs: 2 or 3 rounds

diagonal jack knife crunch (15/side) —  Lie flat on your back and bring one arm up and over towards the toes of the opposite foot (also raised).

supermans (30)

frog crunches (30)

swimmers (20/side)



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