3 a day

18 Apr

3 classes today! Glad yesterday was light.

Bootcamp #1: subbing b/c instructor broke her nose!
Starting with squat/push up ladder (10-1)
Upper body circuit 40/10 x 3
Hammer curls – tri ext – bicep curls – tri kickback – push up – shoulder press

Then run! There’s a new hill I wanna try out – thinking a set of 6 suicides

Back for more arms then butt & gut on stability ball – 10 reps ea 2-3 sets
Knee ins – plank feet on ball, knee to chest
Bridge ups
Plank roll outs – elbows on ball, roll forward & back
Standing knee ins
Leg lifts – ball btwn feet
Alt leg lifts feet on ball in plank
Straight leg pike

Bootcamp #2:
Same warm up
DB swings (20/30/40) alt w/ burpees (5/10/15)

Run! Stairs close by I think we will try 🙂
Walk up 2 at a time
Back down
20 dips
20 push ups
Rep 5 rounds
Finish 10 sprints up

Same ab workout as earlier

Then a break and back for Pilates 🙂



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