Beginner Bootcamp/Tabata/Bootcamp

15 Apr

Monday. Monday. Monday. Love these classes but man I didn’t plan this schedule post race very well. Haven’t had a rest day since the 1/2 and I’m pretty tired. But still going. I get a rest day . . . next Friday?

This week:

Mon: BB/T/B

Tues: Bootcamp

Wed: Pilates (so this will be like active rest, right?)

Thurs: Bootcamp/Pilates

Fri: Subbing Pilates (ok another active rest day. yay!)

Then drive to meet my sister, hand off daughter and return for 2 day yoga certification. Mon back to retrieve daughter in between subbing 8am class/my regular monday/get back for afternoon bootcamp. No wonder i’m tired.

So tomorrow. Here’s the plan.

Beginner Bootcamp:

30/10 strength circuits x2 or 3 rounds dep on time

30 sec x2 no rest cardio circuits

  • 1. plie squat with hammer curl/bent over wide row
  • 2. jump rope/high knees
  • 3. squat to OH press/tricep kick back
  • 4. high knee/cross country
  • 5. stability ball hamstring curl/stability ball push up
  • 6. cross country/double in in out out squat jumps
  • 7. ball transfer/ball rotation

Tabata 20/10 each round (I’ve only done Beg BC and Tabata back to back for the last 2 weeks and most people have stayed so I’m going to try tomorrow just going right into it and count round 1 as warm up . . . we’ll see how it goes:

Bootcamp: 2 options — if we’re inside we’ll do cardio, if outside we’ll run up to 1 mile

warm up – stretches, light cardio

if it’s nice we’ll go outside:

  • 10 burpees/25 curb jumps/25 plank shoulder taps — run 1/4 mile
  • 10 burpee/50 jackknifes both sides/50 side plank knee tuck/run 1/2 mile
  • 10 burpees/25 curb jumps/25 plank shoulder taps/run 3/4 mile
  • 10 burpees/25 jack knife/50 side planks/run 1 mile

if we’re inside curb jumps = box jumps, plank shoulder taps = renegade rows and running = 2-10 min cardio [stairs, jacks, mt climbers, etc]

  • abs: crunch & reach/crunch L knee up 90 R straight, raise R leg up and back to start/plank alt leg lifts/plank wide knee to elbow


I think I have a first timer coming this afternoon as well as varying fitness levels – I’m going to save the workout above for a different day. Here’s the new plan:

Same warm up

Turkish Get Ups Ladder: Start with 1 rep each side and add on up to 4 per side (=10 total)

Taking it outside (I’m going to stay in the parking lot today) — complete all sprints before starting burpees. Depending on ability, sprints can be walks or jogs and burpees can be modified as well. I don’t know yet how I will time this and I might also give people a choice of where to run — there’s a small hill in the parking lot and there’s also flat.

Round 1 in 10 secs complete: 1 sprint + 1 burpee then rest for 0’10”
Round 2 in 20 secs complete: 2 sprints + 2 burpees then rest for 0’20”
Round 3 in 30 secs complete: 3 sprints + 3 burpees then rest for 0’30”
Round 4 in 40 secs complete: 4 sprints + 4 burpees then rest for 0’40”
Round 5 in 50 secs complete: 5 sprints + 5 burpees then rest for 0’50”
Round 6 in 60 secs complete 6 sprints + 6 burpees then rest for 0’60”
Round 7 in 70 secs complete: 7 sprints + 7 burpees then rest for 1’10”
Round 8 in 80 secs complete: 8 sprints + 8 burpees then rest for 1’20”
Round 9 in 90 secs complete: 9 sprints + 9 burpees then rest for 1’30”

We will then go back inside for some butt and gut work 🙂

alt lunges – jump lunges – pulse squats – jump squats – plies – plie jumps – glute bridge – glute bridge pulse – plank – side plank – starfish – rev crunch – 🙂


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