Tabata Friday!

12 Apr

It’s Tabata day! I was thinking about doing an extra workout session after but honestly, I’m just plain exhausted. So 30 min of Tabata is all I got today! I think it’s a good one:

Each exercise is 20 sec work/10 sec rest:

  1. Warm up: jump rope – high knees – burpees – jacks repeat 1x
  2. burpees – mt climbers – tuck jump – split squat repeat 1x
  3. DB squat press – alt DB curls – OH Tri extDB Shoulder Press repeat 1x
  4. high knees – ice pickers (this is a wide leg jump squat and you alternate slamming hands toward ground) – burpees – power jacks repeat 1x
  5. one leg lunge and press – R/L alternate
  6. ABS: crossfit sit up (butterfly legs) – rev crunch – knee tucks – leg flutters repeat 1x

Honestly, now I don’t know if this is a good one or not. It looks crazy. #3 and 4 I will prob change when i get to class – combine them or something? and #5.

3. db squat press — ice pickers — db shoulder press — burpees

4. alt db curls — high knees — oh tri ext — power jacks

5. one leg lunge and press – jump lunges – other leg lunge and press – jump lunges — repeat 1x

yes. that sounds better.





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