my shorts don’t fit

11 Apr

i put on shorts today from last summer and they are tighter. i’m guessing it’s muscle as i haven’t put on any weight (scale wise) so i’m not as upset as i would be. it’s super annoying that my clothes don’t fit however.

so we’re gonna have to start to run more in bootcamp and i’ll have to do more on my own when i can (currently teaching about 9 classes a week so that’s a challenge – open to suggestions!)

it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so i’m going to plan for an indoor workout but will take it outside if the weather is nice.






Circuit 1: 7 exercises 7 reps 7 rounds with heavy barbell

1. Sumo Deadlifts
2. Bent Over Rows
3. Barbell Thrusters
4. Alternating Rev Lunge
5. Bench Press
6. Bicep Curls
7. Barbell Roll Outs

Circuit 2: Cardio 30/10 x3 Rounds

  1. Jacks
  2. Mt Climbers
  3. High Knees
  4. Plank Jacks
  5. Burpees

Circuit 3: with barbell:

biceps,triceps, oh press

Finisher: Max rounds in 7 min: 7 burpee box jumps/7 back squats [barbell]


  1. Plate Around the World – Clockwise
  2. Plate Around the World – Counter-clockwise
  3. Knee Tucks
  4. Leg Flutters
  5. Russian Twists
  6. Alternating leg V-Ups
  7. V-Ups

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