It’s finally SPRING!

7 Apr

If you’re interested, pics from the race yesterday are at — picture #112 & 176 🙂

High tomorrow is like 74! So happy – finally an outdoor bootcamp! Hope my legs make it. Before we get to that —

Beginner Bootcamp — just a 30 min class.

Going to do 20/10 with no rest

  • 20 sec squats
  • 10 sec squat jumps
  • 20 sec dolphin plank (up down)
  • 10 sec plank hold
  • 20 sec mt climbers
  • 10 sec burpees
  • 20 sec bicep curls
  • 10 sec bent over rows
  • 10 sec toe taps
  • 10 sec jacks
  • 10 sec high knees

Rest 2 min and repeat

We’ll end with some abs and stretching. Then on to TABATA! Another 30 min class

Warm up: Jacks – squats – squat hold – inchworms

  • fast feet/push ups
  • bunny hops/plie + upright row
  • front kick + tap down R/L
  • jacks arms OH & front/tricep dips
  • starfish plank R + L/Boat pose extensions

And if that doesn’t all kill me, BOOTCAMP

Warm up — jog to Melrose Ave (about .25 miles away – there’s a hill)

10 push ups, sprint hill x5

10 squats, shuffle hill R/L 2x ea

take it back to the Y and walking lunge @500 feet then jog to the bridge (it’s another hill)


run bridge, back to the Y for abs and stretching

I really have no sense how long this will take so if I need to cut something we’ll skip the bridge 🙂

**update: I have a member I spoke with this am who said she was coming this afternoon. Tips on how to handle this would be appreciated – she doesn’t run due to a myriad of health problems which means I can’t do the whole class outside without alienating her — do I change the class for her or just do what I was going to do and hope she isn’t too hurt?**



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