maybe fully crazy

30 Mar

i have worked out very few times this week. Monday — pilates & bootcamp. then not till Thursday — pilates and weights. i am so on edge i screamed at the puppy. and the big dog. and the kid. who is feeling better FINALLY. she almost got dehydrated but we gave her tons of fluids and just stayed home again today. i am really looking forward to getting to the gym tomorrow. if i can make it, 9 am spin class is on the agenda. yay. if i don’t make it, i will probably do my own spin routine/podcast. then, of course assuming little kid is feeling ok, we’re off to hunt easter eggs at a friend’s church and if she is well behaved *ahem* we will go to toys r us for a buy one get one 50% off lalaloopsy bonanza. the kid is OBSESSED. 

it is actually possibly a good thing i had a surprise rest week because here’s the schedule Mon-end of May:

Mondays: beginner bootcamp (30 min), tabata (30 min), subbing pilates here and there, bootcamp

Tuesdays: bootcamp

Wednesdays: pilates

Thursdays: bootcamp, pilates

Fridays: rotation Tabata (30 min) (i think i have 3 in april?)

Saturdays: other than this saturday when i will be running a completely unprepared for 1/2 marathon, bootcamp (part of summer shape up)

Sundays: bootcamp

rest days? who needs rests days? i guess that will be wednesdays? or the days i’m not teaching friday tabata? i better get some abs out of this . . .


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