Sick Days

28 Mar

Harper has been sick since Tues morning. [*updated: she’s still sick so the workout below will happen Monday*]. Other instructors covered my classes so I have had an unexpected 2 rest days/taking care of puking 3 year old days. Other than holding her and doing tons of laundry, I’ve not worked out and I am really hoping she feels better tomorrow – both because I hope she’s better and because it would be great to get out of the house. I also hope that no one else gets sick . . .

So, hoping to teach some bootcamp, pilates and personal train tomorrow –

as for bootcamp, here’s the plan:
after the warm up:

Circuit 1: 50/10 x2

  • Lunge Stomps R
  • Lunge Stomps L
  • Cross around the worlds (on knees, take DB from waist, circle OH back to opp waist and reverse)
  • DB Rev Lunge Twists R
  • DB Rev Lunge Twists L
  • Cross body mt climbers
  • Skaters (hand to floor)

Circuit 2: 20/10 — Do ex 1-4 twice through then 5-8 twice through

  1. windmill squat jumps
  2. spider plank/push ups
  3. punches with DB
  4. butt kick
  5. box jumps
  6. tricep dips
  7. insanity high knees
  8. burpees

Circuit 3: 10 reps of each exercise followed by 1 burpee – 3 rounds [if time allows]

  • jacks
  • 10 sec fast feet sprawl
  • heisman
  • butt kick
  • high knees


10 Wall-Ups, 10 Push-Ups X 5 Times (NO REST between sets)


  • in and outs
  • plank jacks
  • alt leg V ups
  • plank oblique twist
  • crossfit sit ups
  • down dog – extend leg, bring in to chest, back up and switch
  • plank with alt arm lifts

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