let’s do this

25 Mar

Joseph Pilateswell, maybe not that. bet pilates folks would love my 1xx+lb  body standing on them while we did the 100. HA. So yes i’m teaching pilates and bootcamp tomorrow. and i’m feeling like i should do a something either before pilates or after bootcamp. i took 2 days off because i taught 10 classes last week (in 5 days) but i feel right now like i’ve never worked out a day in my life and i just want to do something.

that and i’m super stressed. but no need to go into all that.

got some new (to me) moves/forgotten moves for pilates i’m going to throw in —

  • knee together squats
  • planks with db
  • static lunges with “walking arms” and bicep curls
  • standing with one leg back and lifted, swing to front then back and lift
  • some tracy anderson moves (i know, not “classic” pilates but good stuff)

on to bootcamp!

after the warm up:

Circuit 1: 7 Reps 7 Rounds

  • push ups
  • DB thrusters (heavy)
  • plank knee to elbows (or spider push ups)
  • deadlift (heavy)
  • burpees
  • DB swings (heavy)
  • bridge chest press (heavy)

Circuit 2: 20/10 x2

  1. cross jacks
  2. standing oblique crunch
  3. lunge with core rotation R 
  4. lunge with core rotation L
  5. lunge stomps (hands to floor in lunge, opp leg swings up to hand)
  6. repeater knee
  7. wood choppers
  8. high knees
  9. ball plank with alternating knee
  10. double leg extension


Circuit 3: 30/10

  • jacks
  • push ups
  • flutter kicks
  • db thrusters
  • russian twists
  • mt climbers
  • squat jumps


  • partner sprints/lunges (one will run while the other lunges)
  •  sun gods (standing straight, arms raise to parallel palms up/down, rotate arms in small circles with light weight till failure)
  • plank to side plank (feet on ball) — 30 sec each x2




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