Jingle Bells

21 Mar

New puppy has a cat collar on so all I hear is this little bell . . . Bella Pepper

Thursday is Bootcamp and Pilates day! Here’s the plan:

Circuit 1: Turkish Get Ups

  • 1R 1L 2R 2L 3R 3L 4R 4L

Circuit 2: Cardio 50/10 x2

  • Rope — Windmill Jump Squats — Weighted Burpees — Dolphin Planks — Bicycles

Circuit 3: Two Person Ladder (alternate exercises start with 1 rep add on each round up to 9 reps)

Finisher: Burpees + Sprints 

  • Run one time across aerobic room, 1 Burpee
  • Run 2x, 2 Burpees
  • and so on up to 9

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