Arms and chest it is

13 Mar

I asked my [pregnant] friend who is not coming to bootcamp anymore [rough 1st trimester] what she would want to do if she did come and she said arms and chest. I think that sounds good. So, here’s the plan

Warm up — This is always such a challenge; I hate to do the same thing all the time! So, lunges getting lower and lower each time, then take it to the side getting lower each time then some pogo jumps and repeat. We’ll end the warm up with bridges/bridge kicks

Circuit 1: 3 sets of 10 reps

  • dive bomber push ups
  • scorpion push ups
  • chaturanga (hold 3 sec, push up)
  • plyo push ups (yes, push up and clap; modification will be regular push ups)

Circuit 2: 60 sec work/15 sec rest

  • squat jacks
  • up and overs on step
  • box jumps

Circuit 3: 3 sets of 10 reps

  • bench press (in bridge or on step)
  • flyes (in bridge or on step)
  • skull crushers (in bridge or on step)

Circuit 4: Repeat #2

Circuit 5: 7-13 min AMRAP 

Circuit 6: 3 rounds

[i’ll have chairs set up at one end with a bar across for limbo; hopscotch across room to DB and back to chair)

Circuit 7:

  • squat jumps (15)
  • DB thrusters (15)
  • 1:00 burpee manmakers
  • 1:00 alt lunge with bicep curl

Circuit 8: 

  • squat to Y press (15)
  • jump lunge (15)
  • 1:00 alt high pull
  • 1:00 push up burpee with lateral hop


  • Burpees
  • squats
  • 2 push ups
  • Start with 15 reps, decrease 1 each round


  • Plank on the ball (partner A), kick ball (partner B)





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