Daylight saving nothin/

11 Mar

It has been a LONG weekend. We have had guests since Thursday and it’s been GO GO GO since. I’m exhausted. Love having visits with friends/family but done. now.

Excited for Boot camp tomorrow. Took yesterday off (minus yoga) and today (minus chasing small children) so I’m ready for a workout. I must admit, after legs day Thursday and Tabata Friday, I was in some need of a rest break.

Here’s the plan:

Circuit 1: 50/10 (1 or 2 rounds)

  • Jacks
  • Forward/Backward Burpees at mat- squat jump forward, do burpee, squat jump back, do burpee
  • Plank Shoulder Taps
  • Running Mans
  • Mountain Spiders
  • Jump Rope
  • Plank Oblique Twists
  • Dolphin Planks
  • 180° Squat Jumps

Circuit 2: 10 Reps: 2 Rounds

  • Wide Squat with Arc Raise – palms facing out in between legs at bottom of squat; as you stand up you raise the DB’s to the side in an arc overhead forming a circle
  • Plank with [bent arm] Lateral Raise
  • Side Lunge Rotation to overhead leg lift crunch
  • Ski Jumps with Triceps Kickback – keep a squatted position, feet together and  squat jump to the side and do a kickback, alt back and forth

Circuit 3: 10 Min Amrap: 5 reps 

  • burpees (or push ups)
  • bent over rows
  • jump squats (or squats)
  • mt climbers
  • T plank
  • crunches

Circuit 4: 10 reps each – 2 rounds 

  • Pushup position alt row to frog press- do 2 rows from pushup position then jump feet in to a low squat, lift arms up and do a shoulder press. This is one rep
  • Toyota Squats
  • Jump Lunges
  • Wide Squat to Upright Row
  • Alternating Bicep Curls (20 total)

Finisher: 3 rounds  –  Groups of 3


  • burpees
  • pull ups
  • hand stands/hand stand push ups

run 1 lap between rounds

Abs: 10 reps 2 sets

  • reverse crunch
  • v -ups
  • flutter kicks
  • dolphin planks

Maybe one day . . .


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