Tabata Friday!

7 Mar

I’m teaching Tabata Friday afternoon. I’m going to keep it all bodyweight and mostly cardio. I downloaded the Tabata Pro app from iTunes . . . we’ll see if it works! It got good reviews and it seems pretty good. You set the timers, number of rounds and use the music on your phone. So all in all, I think it’s good. I’ll let you know!

Here’s the plan:

warm up: Jacks — Rope — High Knees — Butt Kicks (20/10 — repeat 2x)

Tabata 1: standing mountain climbers

star jack burpees

Tabata 2: Jump Lunges R

Jump Lunges L

Tabata 3: windmill squat jumps (squat, one arm in front, one raised behind, jump and switch arms)

pistol squats (alt legs each round)

Tabata 4: jacks with heelclicks 

push up to T plank

Tabata 5: flutter kicks

russian twists


*It’s a 30 min class so I think 5 Tabatas with a cooldown is good.


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