biggest loser

5 Mar

Today’s workout was pretty good. I added some extra sprints — but that’s a good thing, right? I also added an upper body circuit — wall balls, biceps, triceps.

I’m now watching the biggest loser. And it reminds me that I’m a loser. Meaning specifically I LOSE THINGS. It makes me crazy — like today at bootcamp, I went to my bag to get my gymboss timer. It wasn’t there. I don’t knwo where it is. Good thing I got 2 for Christmas. Loser. Anyway, the show is makeover week and TIM GUNN

Tim Gunn at the 81st Academy Awards

Tim Gunn at the 81st Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

was there. Awesome. I suggested to my husband that I gain 100+ lbs and get on Biggest Loser to lose it and get a Tim Gunn makeover. He pointed out that Tim probably wouldn’t be there. Would be my luck. And I’d be stuck with 100+ extra lbs.

Here’s the main point of this drivel. I’ve talked to people lately and even thought it myself — I need to be skinnier, if only I could lose the weight blah blah blah people are looking at me, etc. You know, all the horrible things we tell ourselves. Here’s the thing – if you take care of your body, give it the attention it needs – eat well, workout then you are doing the best thing you can for yourself. So many people don’t do these simple things. And we’re killing ourselves. It makes me mad. So here are 2 articles I ran across today that I hope will inspire.


Ok enough of my soap box. Tuesday is all about some cardio . . . which means it’s gonna be a mix of stuff.

Warm up: push up, squat reach, burpees 1 min ea x2

Circuit 1: 45/15

4 Corners Drill (each corner of the room – probably will be done with partners, 1-3 groups starting at each station – 1 min each station)

  1. 5-15 lb DB — alt lunges w/ DB — bear crawl to #2
  2. 15-20 DB — plie squats — high knees to #3
  3. push ups — crab walk to #4
  4. lat raise with band — sprint to #1

repeat 2x then change exercises at stations:

  1. OH DB press
  2. burpees
  3. plank hold
  4. biceps with band

repeat 2x

Repeat Circuit 1

Tabata Finisher: mt climbers/everest climbers

Core: V-sit & Leg lowers 30 sec each for 4 min

Since I’m terrible at judging how much time things take, we’ll see what we get through. Might cut a circuit somewhere.


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