Arms and Abs

3 Mar

I’ve been thinking about March bootcamps and since it’s 3 days a week I’m thinking one day will be upper body, one day will be cardio and one day will be lower body. Some of it will be a mix (like there will be cardio elements on upper and lower days and there will be strength elements on cardio days) but I’ll have a specific circuit focusing on those things. I hope that makes sense. At any rate, Monday is upper body. 🙂



















Warm up: jacks, ropes, burpees 1 min ea x2

Cardio Drill: Sprints

  • Jog out and back 1x
  • SPRINT out 1x
  • Repeat 4-8x

Partner Drill Ladder

  • A: Push up
  • B: OH Press

1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc to 10 and back down (one partner does 1 push up, other does 1 OH press, then switch. Repeat adding one rep each time)

Strength Drill: 100 Squats

Tabata Finisher: Alternate Plank/Burpees

Abs: Plank 2 min


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