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27 Feb

The other bootcamp instructor and I switched classes tomorrow (she has a meeting in the am) so I’m teaching in the morning. Weird. She also does a 15 min butt and gut at the end of class so that’ll be fun. I’ll also be able to use the big gym (there’s various activities in there every afternoon – I tried to sneak in and use the perimeter but was asked not to for now . . . ). Originally I had thought about doing legs tomorrow but holy wow yesterday. if you’re looking for a good leg/butt workout, see yesterday’s post! I’m thinking tomorrow will be more upper body and cardio intervals —


Circuit 1: 4 rounds increase weight/decrease reps each round

12x light 10x heavier 8x heavier 6x heaviest

  1. bicep curl
  2. rev fly
  3. skull crushers
  4. progressive push ups (2 count down, 1 up)
  5. double row
  6. deltoid press
  7. bent arm lateral raise
  8. renegade row

Circuit 2: Cardio — big gym with Sandbag!

one person will run a lap with sandbag (30lbs) OH or on back

everyone else will do squat with kicks, clock lunges, calf raises, standing HR push ups, back kicks, plie squats, wall sit (we’ll alternate exercises while the runner is doing a lap)

Circuit 3: 40/10 x2 (stay on same leg for single leg exercises; switch on round 2)

  • side to side DB toss squat
  • breakdance push up
  • split squat with bicep curl
  • db wipers
  • db clean and press
  • db walking lunges
  • db sumo deadlift
  • grasshopper burpee
  • renegade climbers
  • burpee lunges

Finisher game: Crab soccer!

As usual, no idea how long this will take so if we need to repeat a circuit, will do!

Butt & gut is 15 min:

first 3 are on all 4’s –

  • donkey kick
  • kneeling rainbow
  • roundhouse — lift bent leg to hip height, extend and back
  • standing tree with leg extension (start in tree pose, hold 3 sec and kick leg back)
  • 1/2 squat, tap toe to the side and back
  • pilates calf raise — pilates stance, bend knees then come up to toes
  • diamond frogs — legs lifted, heels together, extend legs out to side and heels back together

follow with 300 abs:

  • 30 crunch
  • 20 bicycle
  • 30 toe touches
  • 20 rev crunches
  • 15 side plank dips
  • 40 crunches
  • 15 side plank dips
  • 30 russian twists
  • 30 bicycle
  • 15 oblique v-ups
  • 20 rev crunches
  • 15 oblique v-ups
  • 10 leg lowers




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