My foot hurts.

26 Feb

I can’t seem to get it right. I wore New Balance when I started working out (summer 2010) – fast forward to fall 2011 post 1/2 marathon = plantar fasciitis which I’ve dealt with off and on since then. In both feet. Now fast forward to Feb 2013 = hella pain on the ball of my foot started friday-ish. Did elliptical and yoga Sat instead of my long run (we shall see where this goes – 1/2 in April might not happen if I’m in pain) and rested yesterday. Bootcamp today and of course we did a lot of jumping. I tried to stay on one foot (if I stop or try to call the class no one works as hard. it’s odd but evidently a thing that happens in group fitness classes. I think that’s what I would do in a class where the instructor was just walking around though) but that’s just not entirely possible so now it hurts like someone beat me with a hammer. Just in one spot – the ball of my foot. I ordered new shoes: Reebok Scream 2.0

$49 at! Based on reviews that I have read these shoes are good for cross training activities like we do in bootcamp as well as short distance running. I was wearing some New Balance cross trainers and I think that they just didn’t have enough support in the right places – despite my orthotics. I told you – feet problems!

So when the shoes get here (yes, I went to the $##&* store and they were super unhelpful/not knowledgeable and didn’t have the purple ones above (love purple!) and they were more expensive. Dude offered to order them but honestly I really just didn’t want to go back to the store), I’ll let you know what I think.

On to Tuesday: Focus on cardio and BUTT!

after the warm up:

Circuit 1: 60/15

  • Barbell squats
  • alt jump lunges
  • glute bridge kicks
  • BB good morning
  • deadlift
  • calf raise

Circuit 2: 60

  • Wall sit with plate (10 lb)

Circuit 3: 45/15

  • jump squat
  • donkey kick R
  • donkey kick L
  • kneeling rainbow R
  • kneeling rainbow L
  • jump switch lunges
  • side lunge R
  • side lunge L

Repeat Circuit 2

Circuit 4: 20 reps each x2-4 rounds, DB or BB

  • deep thrusters (20 lbs) [basically a squat with OH press]
  • oh alternating lunges (15 lbs)
  • deadlift (30-35 lbs)

Repeat Circuit 2

Circuit 5: 60/no rest

  • squats
  • R iso lunge
  • R stomp (low lunge, R leg forward, hands on ground, stomp L leg up to R and back, repeat — the video is the basic idea but hands will be on ground and foot will be flat when you step up)
  • R hip lifts (on back, bridge up, cross L leg over R and lower and lift)
  • Repeat L leg no rest

Repeat Circuit 2

Repeat Circuit 5, L leg

Finisher: 30 sec ea

  • repeater knee R
  • elevated squat with leg lift R
  • one leg dead lift R
  • step ups R
  • rev lunge kicks R
  • Rep L leg

ABs: 1:00 (the circuit we didn’t get to Monday)

  • knee tucks
  • one leg v-up
  • walk out with oblique twist
  • butterfly crunches
  • 3 leg down dog into crocodile
  • plank with arm lifts


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