You’ll feel better

20 Feb

So no burpees Thursday. People just don’t like them. So I thought of some reasons you should love burpees.

  • Total body exercise – both cardio and strength
  • endless amount of variations – never a dull burpee
  • fat burning
  • muscle building
  • increase your cardio endurance

I’m sure there are other reasons but let’s move on and get to the workout!

Warm up:

  1. Kick knees toward butt (1 minute)
  2. Arm circle: small to big then point hands down
  3. Jumping jacks: 30 seconds on then lower down into a squat position and continue the jacks “plyo jacks” 30 seconds
  4. Rope climbers: arms and legs straight and move like you are climbing a rope. Alternating right arm up left leg back and continue for 30 seconds- 1 minute
  5. Spin the bottle (5 min)

Circuit 1: (benches with 4 risers)

  • 2 min: step ups on the bench (alternating lead leg every 30 sec or so)
  • 1 min: Squat thrusts, hands on floor or bench
  • 1 lap around the aerobic room.
  • 30 sec Push-ups against the bench with 10 sec hold at the bottom to end

Circuit 2: Tabata Cardio Interval (20/10)

  1. football runs
  2. jumping jacks
  3. jump squats
  4. jumping rope
  5. plyo step ups
  6. upper cuts in squat position
  7. side plyo step ups
  8. high knees

Circuit 3: with heavy DB, walking lunges around outside of aerobic room

Circuit 4: 45/15

  1. Half seated leg circle L (on elbows, point toe and circle clockwise for 25ish se
  2. Half seated leg circle R
  3. One leg dead lift L
  4. One leg dead lift R
  5. Lateral shuffle (3 each direction, tap floor on 3rd)
  6. Good Mornings
  7. Stability lunge L
  8. Stability Lunge R
  9. Skaters
  10. Alternating single leg plank – leg reach up to 10 inches.
  11. 3 way lunge – side/ 45 degrees/ straight with kick L
  12. 3 way lunge R
  13. Pistol squat L (stand on step)
  14. Pistol squat R
  15. Squat jumps

Depends on time — mabye repeat circuit 1 and then go to this awesome finisher:

Repeater knees L 30 sec with 30 sec squats between then crabby dips (8 then crab walk to opp side of step, repeat for 1 min). Repeat drill for 5 min switching lead leg each round.


  • 30 crossfit sit ups (heels together, sit up)
  • 20 reverse crunch with twists
  • 30 ski abs (start in plank and jump both feet to one shoulder, back, opp shoulder)
  • 20 reverse crunch with twists
  • 20 in and out abs
  • 30 low plank obliques (spider plank on elbows)
  • 25 crossfit sit ups
  • 30 plank butt lifts (alternating leg lifts in plank)
  • 30 reverse crunch
  • 20 in and out abs
  • 20 leg raises
  • 25 crossfit sit ups
  • Plyos (

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