Partner Monday

16 Feb

After a 5 min warmup, we’ll partner up and complete the following:

Upper body circuit 7 min AMRAP
(Partner A will do first ex, B will do 2nd)
1. Plank/10 burpees over planker
2. 5 L arm circle push up/L plank
3. 5 R arm circle push up/R plank
4. 1 coffee grinder
5. 15 band curls/super crunch
6. 15 dips/plank

Repeat, switching exercises

Lower body circuit 7 min AMRAP
Same as above
1. L lat lunge/ISo L forward
2. R lat lunge/ISo R forward
3. 10 donkey kicks
4. 10 squats/ISo squat
5. 10 jump squats/bridge hold
6. 10 squat thrust

Repeat, switching exercises

Finisher game!
Hot Potato! I’ll set the timer for something (15, 30 or 45 sec) and in a circle we will do squats or squat jumps in a wave fashion. If you’re jumping when timer goes off, leave circle and do 25 burpees then abs till game is over. 🙂



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