Grumpy Hump Day

14 Feb

I’ve been grumpy all day. I was super sore when I woke up (from Mon and Tues I suppose) and ohsotired from teaching at the college last night (I seriously don’t like these 6-10pm classes). Pilates was ok – I felt a little all over the place but it was still fun. After we got home it all fell apart – General (the dog) ate Harper’s lunch, Harper cried and whined all afternoon, I yelled at the guy at DirecTV because they couldn’t explain to me why I was STILL being charged for services I canceled 3 months ago. So frustrating. And SiriusXM charged me $97 for a 6 month subscription. It’s not worth that to me so I canceled it which was alot more difficult to do than it should be.

So thankfully tomorrow is Thursday which means A NEW PHONE!!!!! Harper dropped mine (not on purpose) Thanksgiving and it landed on my parents hard tile/marbleish kitchen floor. It’s been cracked and I’ve been patiently awaiting the end of our contract to fix things ($200 deductible WITH insurance? Seriously).

Getting there. I could just not decided what to do in bootcamp tomorrow. A friend gave me this insanity disc to watch and I think I’m going to borrow some moves.

Warm up — about 30 sec each move:

jacks – squats – star jacks – calf raise – lunges – chair pose – lateral lunges – star jacks – inner thigh lift – back kicks – jacks

circuit 1: 30/30 no rest

  • alternate jump rope with:
  1. front kick squat with DB
  2. pistol squat R
  3. pistol L
  4. calf raise with DB
  5. plyo step ups
  6. side lunge with DB R
  7. side lunge L
  8. turbo lunges
  9. repeater knee R
  10. knee L

Rest 90 sec

Circuit 2: 30/10 x3 rounds (for each strength move, I’ll prob do something to target muscle but diff ex each round)

  1. biceps/triceps/jump rope
  2. shoulders/back/jump rope
  3. jab cross/upper cut/jump rope
  4. fast feet/squats/jump rope

Circuit 3: 45/15 x2 rounds

  1. side plyo step ups
  2. hindu squats
  3. lateral lunge
  4. squat
  5. squat jump

Finisher: 5-7 min Partner with Medicine Ball

  1. OH 1 bounce to partner
  2. toss from chest
  3. toss underhand
  4. alt lunges 1 bounce
  5. standing oblique twist
  6. donkey kongs

Abs: if time, 2:30 plank (30 sec front, side, front, side, front)

Hindu Squats


I am hoping to have time at the end to stretch – I’ve been cutting that out too much mostly because people generally just leave but I really need to stretch – so sore today and that’s probably partly why. I’m thinking some yoga poses —

down dog – warrior 1 – half moon (maybe, this isn’t an easy one) – wide leg forward bend – butterfly pose – forward fold


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