Fabulous Fifties!

12 Feb

So what’s up for Tuesday?

Circuit 1: 30/15 x4 of each move

  1. Deadlift Sumos
  2. Push-up Planks to T Plank (with DB)
  3. Jump Squats (jump on every 4th one)
  4. Lateral Walking Push-ups
  5. Lateral Lunges with weighted oblique twist (alternate each round)
  6. Tuck jump Burpees

Circuit 2: Fabulous Fifties! 50 Reps of each exercise, however you want to divide it up (for example, 5 sets of 10)

  1. Box Jumps
  2. Knee tucks
  3. Run Stairs
  4. Wall Balls
  5. Prisoner Squats
  6. Butterfly Sit ups
  7. Reverse Lunges with high knee jump (25/leg)
  8. Push Ups
  9. Dips
  10. Star Jacks (or regular jacks)

Finisher: Calf Tag





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