Winter Wonderland

3 Feb

I didn’t even know it was supposed to snow yesterday. We have about 4ish maybe more inches right now. It’s beautiful. I’ll venture out at some point and get some pics. Was going to trail run with a friend from bootcamp this am but kiddo woke up at 11pm last night with a 101 fever and though she seems better today she still needs momma (and she seems a little warm/not eating). Also we were worried about the whole running in the snow/falling down in perfectly safe conditions what if there are trees and limbs down. So, a snow check. 🙂

Monday is a mix of cardio and arms. After a 5 ish min warm up here’s the plan:

Circuit 1: 45/15 – Cardio

  • jacks – mt climbers – burpees – tuck jumps (i kind of hate these. so maybe something else) – break 30 sec
  • star jacks – skaters (slow motion — more a hop leg to leg) – high knees – cross body mt climbers – break 30 sec
  • burpees- star jacks – plank jacks – bicycles – skaters – break 30 sec
  • 1:00 AMRAP Burpee Box Jumps

Circuit 2: 45/15 – Arms

  • weighted jacks – DB swings – push ups – dips – break
  • weighted tiny arm circles – dips – push ups – burpee with push up – break
  • bridge kicks – dips – DB swings – push ups – break
  • 1:00 AMRAP: Burpee w/ Jump Lunge

Finisher w/ medicine ball (or db)

  • MB slam (or DB swings)
  • mt climb hands on mb
  • mb swings to OH
  • lateral squat with OH press
  • mb chops (10 sec per side) — pivot hips and foot
  • sumo deadlift jumps
  • push up (10 sec per arm on ball or step)
  • alternating rotational lunge
  • Bonus: MB slam to burpee push up (or burpee to db snatch)

We’ll finish with abs and stretching. I hope this workout is hard. It looks like a good challenge.



I didn’t make it to class today – little girl had a low fever this am so we went to the dr at 3 and did not leave until 4:45. Her flu test was negative but she does have some kind of virus and fell asleep without dinner on the couch. I took her temp before bed and it was back up to 100.5 (maybe higher but that’s all she put up with). So we might do this workout tomorrow – I did do it in my spare room this am and it was ok. I don’t have some of the equipment at the house so I had to modify and I also kept getting interrupted by people wanting things (which I’m not really complaining about, it just made it harder to gauge how difficult this workout really is since I took more breaks than I would in class). I might do this one in class. Or I might do another one. I have a few planned already. Get ready for 30 min of BURPEES y’all!


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