Run safely

29 Jan

IMG_3197Last year a woman in Montana, Sherry Arnold, was running early one January morning and went missing. The only thing found for a long time was her shoe. Her body was found early in March. Two suspects were arrested for this horrible crime and have been in jail since.

Sherry’s cousin has a blog,, and last year she organized a virtual run in memory of her cousin. My friend Kellee and I made a point to run that day. It was pretty odd – we had not had a cold winter at all and that day it was freezing and even snowing. We ran from the YMCA to the Anderson Street bridge and when we got to the top there was this giant black bird that flew across our path –  now, I’m not saying it was God or Sherry or anything but come on, how weird is is that we’d had a 60 degree winter and the day we ran to commemorate a woman from Montana it was SNOWING? Butterflies, right Kellee?

So, the point of this is two fold — one, if you’re a runner and especially if you are female – BE SAFE. Don’t run the same time, the same route day in and day out. Change things up. Be aware of your surroundings. If you have to have music when you run, only use one headphone.

Second – there’s a virtual run again this year. See for details. I hope you’ll join in – RIP Sherry.


One Response to “Run safely”

  1. Kellee January 29, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

    Indeed, butterflies!!!! Lets do it!

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