Manic Monday

26 Jan

Ice day today = I took a REST day! Woohoo! 8 workouts in 4 days . . . rest day was ok. We shall see what happens with the roads tomorrow – I haven’t gotten to run in over a week and even if it has to be on the treadmill, I miss it! I’d really like a long, slow run (ideally I’d like that on a trail but I’ll take what I can get). On to MONDAY —

60 sec intervals/15 sec rest:

  1. corkscrew burpee
  2. MB sit up toss (or just sit up, db oh – we don’t have enough MB some days)
  3. DB jump squats
  4. scorpion push ups
  5. squat thrust
  6. bear push up with alt kick outs
  7. one leg jump lunge (do R leg 30 sec then L leg)
  8. side plank starfish [30 sec/side]
  9. plyo step ups

2 min rest

repeat 20-30 sec 10 sec rest

Tabata: 20/10 x8

  • Harpee (hands on floor, step just in front of feet, keeping legs straight jump on and off step)
  • Jump Lunge

Leg burner – 40/20 — 2 rounds

  • flamingo squat with lat raise R leg
  • pendulum lunge with hammer curl R leg
  • reach for the sun – plie squat up to toes, arms oh with light db

repeat L

Finisher 60 sec no rest

  • side step ups
  • hindu squats
  • side to side squats (r – center – l)
  • squat hold
  • jump squat


  • plank 10 sec
  • push up x5
  • side plank R with inner thigh lift x10
  • plank 5 sec
  • push up x5
  • side plank L with inner thigh lift x10
  • plank 5 sec
  • burpees x10
  • sumo squat x50



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