Heart Rate Monitor Training

26 Jan

Finally got a chance to do a long run with the HRM. I hoped to get in 2 hours but it was only 1. If I can, I’ll do another hour tomorrow.

So, I read up on HRM training and found some charts and graphs and this am I put it on, got to the gym and was all ready to run slow.

I had no idea just how slow.

It seems that I’m not in good aerobic shape at all. WTF?

Seriously, how is that even possible? I teach bootcamp for chrissakes.

I walked for a couple of minutes on the TM and then upped the incline to .5 and speed to 5.5 — at which point my HR skyrocketed past 160. My goal HR for today’s run was in the 140’s (my range is 119-156 BPM). So I slowed down to 5.2 and stayed there for a while. But after a while even that was pushing me past 160. UGH. I walked for a minute, got some water and upped it back to 5.2. Same thing. So I slowed down to 4.5. People – that’s like a 13.30 min mile. WTF. I can run sub 9 min miles in a 5k (not fast but not last, right?) so I’m shocked that my body evidently needed to run that slowly. I must admit, I kept trying to up the pace and my HR upped right with it so finally I accepted the slow-as-molasses pace and just stayed there.

Frustrating. Slow. But here’s the thing – most of my workouts are balls to the wall max HR and I’m hoping that if I add in this long slow run (at least one hour, up to two) once a week, my HR will adapt and I’ll be able to go faster with a lower HR. That’s the theory anyway. From what I’ve read, I will probably not see results for a month or so.

Has anyone ever done HR training? Am I the only turtle out there?


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