Monday Workout #2

21 Jan

This one is 20/20/20 Gold = Senior class. The last time I subbed, no one showed up. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

Very basic warm up with balance exercises (holding onto chair) as well.

warm up & balance workouts for – 10 minutes

    • general warm up like earlier class
    • balance: knee raise (R hand on chair, left leg raises and hold 3 sec; repeat several times and switch legs)
      • sit to stand — using chair
      • side leg raises (r hand on chair, left leg raises and switch)
      • hip extension (hands on back of chair lift and hold R leg up, repeat and switch legs)

Endurance workouts – 20 Minutes

    • step touch add arms overhead
    • step touch lift knees
    • hamstring curl
    • high knee march
    • heel digs
    • march in place
    • wide v step
    • wide v step with arms
    • march in place
    • step touch arms to side
    • grapevine r – l
    • march in place
    • alternate legs back punch forward
    • alternate legs to the side with punch OH
    • modified jacks
    • front tap – back heel R
    • L
    • side tap in and out R
    • L
    • march in place
    • repeat as necessary

*Weights/bands workout – 20 min

  • using band: (upper body can be done seated)
  • biceps curl
  • hammer curl
  • triceps extension
  • reverse fly
  • shoulder press
  • chest press
  • standing calf raise — band under feet, hands at side
  • outer thigh hip abduction — hold both ends in L hand, band around L foot and lift to outside
  • inner thigh hip adduction — lift leg to inside

 cooldown/abs/stretching – 20 min

  • seated chair crunches, hands crossed at shoulders
  • stretch up
  • seated oblique chair crunches
  • seated leg lifts, elbows to knees
  • seated to standing — faster than warm up

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