Heart Rate Training

18 Jan

i’ve been using my polar ft4 for a little over a week now and I LOVE IT! i love knowing the rate my heart is working and how many calories i have burned in x amount of time.

that said, it seems i’m always working out at my max heart rate (thus the reason i don’t lose weight but have added hella muscle?) — i want to use this little gadget efficiently so i looked up some “heart rate training calculators” and some training advice and here’s the result:

Article from Runner’s World

Calculator from Runner’s Web

Oh and here’s where I started: Shut up and Run 

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 4.41.05 PM

Half Marathon coming up April 6 (seems like a long time from now but not so much I suppose . . . ) — i’m going to add in a long run day/week (either Friday or Sat) and when the weather is nice i’ll add in a (shorter but easy) run either Tues/Thurs am — i already teach bootcamp MTR and pilates W so that doesn’t leave a lot of days for running (though i do have this goal/delusion that i’m going to run a 30 miler in Aug/Sept . . .). i really don’t like doubling up and i also don’t like running on the treadmill. That said, i also have zero sense of my own pace so i’m hoping that by using the heart rate monitor on the treadmill to gauge what pace i should be running and the Garmin outside (i can set what pace i want to run and it will yell at me if i go too fast or too slow – i have the Garmin which doesn’t include heart rate monitor, thus the separate gadgets), i will maximize training and rock this 1/2 in April.

Or at least finish it . . . 🙂

So — Saturday’s workout (since today was off) will be a long (at least an hour, less than 2), probably slow run on the treadmill at 65-75% MHR = 133-151 — will let you know how it goes!

*****Sat pm update*****

Didn’t run today. Girl reasons. Hoping to get to tomorrow . . .


3 Responses to “Heart Rate Training”

  1. Chris March 27, 2013 at 9:12 pm #

    Good luck with the half marathon. I’m training for one in the summer and have found that heart rate training has massively helped improve my fitness levels. I’ve been using a Suunto M5 and I absolutely love it. I just wish I had started using a heart monitor for training years ago.


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