Shoulders or maybe just some snow . . .

16 Jan
I'll believe it when I see it!

I’ll believe it when I see it!

Thursday Bootcamp — shoulders and abs (as well as everything else but a special emphasis on shoulders. plus my legs hurt)

warm up — start at one end of room

  • high knees
  • lunges with upper body twist
  • reverse lunges
  • side lunges (squat to the side)
  • squats
  • skipping
  • frankenstein walks (while walking, hands to feet)
  • frankenstein skips
  • jacks
  • power jacks
  • criss cross power jacks
  • pogo hops
  • inchworms
  • stretch
  • pushups

circuit 1: 4 sets of 20 sec ea with a drop set at end

  • seated DB lateral raise with tricep squeeze throughout
  • standing front raise
  • wide grip upright row
  • partner band press
  • partner band reverse fly

Circuit 2: stations, groups of 3 (either partners will hold bar low or i’ll set it up somehow …)

  • partner crab crawl limbo — tabletop on one leg and elbows
  • fig 8 hop with ido abduction — set up “cones,” hop on one foot through with DB to side
  • prone sl army crawl limbo – plank on elbows, crawl through on one foot

Circuit 3: stay in groups of 3

  • 15 squat jumps
  • 15 body rows, feet on big ball (2 partners hold bar, other partner places hands on bar, feet on ball and pulls up)
  • 1:00 burpee manmakers
  • 15 DB squat press
  • 15 body rows, feet on big ball
  • 1:00 alternating lunge with bicep curl
  • 15 squat to Y press
  • 15 body rows, feet on big ball
  • 1:00 high pull snatch
  • 15 jump lunges
  • 15 body rows, feet on big ball
  • 1:00 one leg burpee push up with lateral hop

I have no sense of how long this will take. If we have time for/need a finisher:

  • 15 burpees (each round do a different kind — add a push up, star jump, shoulder press, plank jack, grasshopper, lateral hop, tuck jump, lunge, squat thrust (w/o jump up), sprawl, renegade burpee, grasshopper, inverted, etc)
  • 15 squats
  • 2 push ups

decrease burpees and squats by one each round to 1, push ups stay same (can also do this decreasing by 2-3-5 or whatever)

We didn’t get to the abs on the ball thing the other day so I think we’ll end with that —

groups of 2: on the big ball, roll out in to plank and your partner will try to kick the ball out from under you. 🙂






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