Fit Tuesday! Keep going

15 Jan


Originally I was going to do a “filthy 50” workout tomorrow but I ended up teaching a class this am so I’m kinda not feeling the filthy 50 . . . still gonna do legs and a medley of stuff but not 50 reps —

Circuit 1

  • 30 Seconds Right Lunge
  • 30 Seconds Left Lunge
  • 10× Weighted Jump Squats

Rest 30 Seconds

Circuit 2

  • 30 Seconds Weighted Wall Squat
  • 30 Seconds Squat Jump (3rd squat completed with jump squat – squat, squat, squat, jump)
  • 10× Weighted Jump Lunges

Rest 30 Seconds

Circuit 3

  • 30 Seconds Right High Step-Up
  • 30 Seconds Left High Step-Up
  • 30× Toe-Tappers

Rest 30 Seconds

Circuit 4

  • 30 Seconds Deadlift
  • 30 Seconds Plie Squat
  • 40× Speed Skips

Rest 30 Seconds

Repeat from the top probably at least once, maybe twice.

Suicide Run 🙂 We so need more room to do these — I usually doing them partner style due to the amount of room we have. How about a suicide run while partners do front kicks, calf raises, wall sits — switch back and forth for 3 suicides

So I’m watching Biggest Loser right now and Bob Harper is using a deck of cards for a “last chance” workout — each suit represents an exercise and the number on the card is the number of reps (aces and face cards = 11, joker is a stair run). How about that for a finisher? I like it! I have a deck of cards around here somewhere . . .

  • Hearts = Burpees
  • Spades = Jumping Jack to leg hug (jack then squat and hug knees)
  • Clubs = Step Ups
  • Diamonds = Goblet Squat (double up heaviest weight)

Leg Burn-Out

  • Donkey Kick Pulses (1 min)
  • Fire Hydrant (30 seconds)
  • Lying Leg Abduction (1 minute) (with band)
  • Lying Leg Circles & Pulse (90 seconds) (with band)


  • Stability Ball Hamstring Curl (1 minute)
  • Stability Ball Glute Bridges (30 seconds)

Thanks Sherry for this one – a trainer was on the Today show and did this move. With a partner, roll out over ball into plank (feet on ball). Your partner will then kick the ball. Your goal is to stay in plank (as long as possible) then switch. Should be fun!


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