Endure Monday

14 Jan


I wrote out a schedule at the beginning of the month with various things to focus on — so that I wouldn’t do the same thing every class and so that I would mix things up. Monday’s plan focuses on endurance, back and biceps.

Warm up – I get so bored with warm ups. I have also tried to vary it the last couple of weeks. But there’s only so much you can do. Butt kicks – russian soldiers – butt kicks – bent knee to elbow – alternating lunges – turbo lunges – jog in place – repeat 2-3x

Circuit 1: 40/20 2-3 rounds

  1. one arm DB toss
  2. mb push up burpee
  3. R box squat [one foot on step] + bicep curl (elbows at waist, arms to the side)
  4. L box squat + hammer curl
  5. DB wipers
  6. renegade climbers
  7. burpee lunges
  8. double DB cleans
  9. walking lunges w/ R DB OH
  10. walking lunges w/ L DB OH
  11. DB sumo deadlift (wide legs)
  12. grasshopper burpee (modification will be to leave out the push up)

Circuit 2: 1 min each exercise

  • squat jacks
  • turbo lunges
  • hammer curl

30 Second Rest

  • DB speed skaters
  • lateral hops
  • zottman curl (heavy DB)

bicep curl to failure (probably @ 2min)

  • toe taps around the step
  • step-jack-step-jack
  • DB deadlift

30 Second Rest

  • repeater knee R
  • repeater knee L
  • DB row
  • weighted swimmers (very light weight)


MB — push it to R, OH, L as fast as you can (2 min?)


Star Front Planks to V-up (on back, lift head, shoulders and feet, open to the side, back to center to v-up), Single Leg V Up, Leg Flutters, Kick Outs


2 Responses to “Endure Monday”

  1. sweatandsprinkles January 14, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    I always think burpees can’t get worse, then you prove me wrong.

    • onlyhalfcrazy January 14, 2013 at 8:45 pm #

      There’s plenty of ways to make burpees worse, don’t you worry 😉

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