Workout & menu plan for the week

13 Jan

Fun weekend. People over Saturday pm and we played games (and had a push up contest). and Harper was at a friend’s house so Sunday was sleep in late day. Woo-hoo!

Workouts for the week —

Mon – Bootcamp with focus on Endurance, Back & Biceps

Tues – Bootcamp with a medley of exercises, focus on legs & calves

Wed – Pilates (and prob a run before)

Thurs – Bootcamp using DB + focus on shoulders + abs

Fri – probably a run

Sat – Cycle and possibly Group Power (or not. I don’t really like that class)

Sun – off

If the weather is nice on Tues or Thurs I might also get in a trail run while Harper is at school. Oh and school starts next week. I should probably write a syllabus.


Mon – spasagna (like lasagna but with spaghetti noodles. Recipe here)

Tues – enchilada casserole  (real chicken for husband, quorn chicken for me)

Wed – vegetarian shepherds pie (with veggie “beef” crumbles – i’ve made this a few times and so far husband likes it. i think i told him it’s not real meat . . . )

Thurs – wing it/leftovers

Fri – homemade pizza (Harper usually helps with this = she also usually eats

Sat – burgers and fries (veg burger and sweet potato fries for me, beef and white potato for husband, who knows what the kid will eat)

Sun – wing it

another menu possibility is sausage with sauteed peppers & onions over couscous — kiddo likes couscous anyway. i have what i need to make tomorrow’s dish so will prob not make it to grocery until tues (possibly while kiddo is at school . . . it’s supposed to crazy rain here this week — like inches worth so won’t be trail running on tues!)


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