Thrilling Thursday

9 Jan

Today’s a little all over the place — working chest & triceps but also a medley of other stuff.

first circuit is a pyramid – 4 rounds. each round we’ll use a heavier weight, fewer reps

  • 12 reps – light weight
  • 10 reps – heavier weight
  • 8 reps – heavier weight
  • 6 reps – max heaviest weight
  1. bicep curl
  2. reverse fly
  3. skull crushers
  4. progressive push ups (2 count down 1 count up)
  5. double row
  6. deltoid press
  7. side lateral raise
  8. plank row

circuit 2 – 20/10 Tabata

alternating: 1a, 2a for 8 rounds then 1b and 2b  for 8 rounds

1a. DB squat to OH press                   1b. DB row

2a. DB (optional) squat                      2b. Jump squat

Hopefully we’ll have time to do the workout challenge:

start with 1 burpee 15 DB swings

  •                    2 burpee 14 DB swing
  •                    3 burpee  13 DB swing
  • and so on 15 burpee 1 DB swing

Finisher and core: 

  • alt lunges – DB jacks – hover jacks – DB Burpee snatch
  • get ups (4/side) – double get ups (8) – solo king kongs (12)


So it was like 65 degrees today and not raining – yes, Jan 10 and it’s hot and I’ve already found 3 stinkbugs in my house. Gross. Anyway, spur of the moment decision – running outside. No one likes that but we did it – short loop to a small hill, team suicides, squat “indian” run up the small hill and back to the gym. 15 min left when we got back so we ended with the burpee/DB swing ladder. didn’t get to the finisher – maybe that will be a warm up Mon? 🙂

To friends who actually come to class/read this — sorry I keep changing the workout 1/2 way through. Feel free to yell at me.


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