2013 Race Schedule

8 Jan


(Pic from Laurel Run Park)

Just want to put this in writing – then maybe I’ll do it. 🙂 Found these races on both runtricities.org and http://www.trailrunnermag.com/. Some of these links are race entry forms if you’re in the area . . . bet you’ll beat me!

4/6 Power to the Tower Trail Run 21k (I really want to do the 50k but I don’t know that I can build up that much mileage that quickly given how stupid sick I’ve been)

4/20 Laurel Run Ascent 11 mile (Totally my favorite run from last year — crazy 5.5 mi uphill then the same down — though if it’s like the other trail races i’ve run, 11 miles is an estimate. most are off by .5-1 mile!)

7/7 Harbison Half Marathon Trail (Columbia, SC – this one depends on a lot. like am i really going to travel to SC for a race? I bet it will be hot hot hot — seriously, July in SC. What am I thinking? my sister lives there though so childcare is built in . . . )

7/16 Wolf Run 7 mile (missed this one last year due to vacation; I heard mixed reviews)

8/31 Iron Mountain 30M (missed this one last year. long story)

9/14 Bays Mt Trail Race 15 mile (missed this one last year)


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