Christmas, round 3 and Monday’s workout plan

5 Jan



Look what I got for Christmas! I was sick over Christmas so we met my parents/sister et al in Asheville for the day. I’m so excited to use this gizmo — I am going to test it out tomorrow and bring it to class Mon!

Here’s my plan for Mon class: (legs day)

  • Circuit 1: 3x 30 sec each ex
  • alternating curtsey lunge (w/bicep curl)
  • alternating back kick (w/ front press)
  • surrenders (DB stays OH)

Circuit 2

  • wide stance BB squat
  • BB lunges
  • calf raises

Workout Challenge (probably set up as stations — I only got one sandbag so people can do the other stuff while they wait for the bag)

  • Sandbag Run (2x across aerobic room)
  • 30 squat jumps
  • 3 sets of 15 push ups
  • 30 box jumps (3 risers)
  • 30 split squats each leg
  • 30 squats

Finisher + Abs: (2-4 rounds dep on time)

  • 20 walking lunges (w/ 15-25 lb DB)
  • 20 low narrow squats
  • 10 weighted genie press
  • 20 v-sit
  • 20 bridge
  • 20 double leg stretch
  • 20 sec each side side plank

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