Thursday Bootcamp

3 Jan

i went all nutso and wrote out like a month of workouts the other day. usually when i do that i start changing my mind all over the place. so far i haven’t but it’s early. back, biceps and intervals are tomorrow in this form:

Star Jacks

circuit 1: 30 sec 3 rounds

  • one arm row
  • standing push – press w db
  • oh press

circuit 2 same format

  • bicep curl
  • one arm bicep curls
  • alternating curls

cardio intervals: 10 rounds, 1 min hard, 1 min easy

  1. burpee
  2. mt climber
  3. box jump
  4. step ups
  5. star jacks
  6. regular jacks
  7. jump squats
  8. frogger squats
  9. jump lunges
  10. reverse alternating lunges

workout challenge/finisher drill:

star jack suicides: at each stop, 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27 star jacks (will dep on time at this point) — would also like to do these in the big gym but there’s usually people in there

core: plank – plank twist – flutter kicks – in and outs (go 30sec each for 2-3 rounds)

I hope I feel better tomorrow than I did Mon – was about. to. die. but that’s prob because of the flu i had last week. still coughing so trying to take it somewhat easy . . .


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