Happy New Year!

31 Dec

So I’ve been sick. Like crazy, awful, delirious sick — it was the flu. I’m on the mend, finally and it feels good. I still feel weak and a little dizzy but oh so much better than I did last week!

Bootcamp later today — here’s the plan:

cardio circuit: 45/15 x8 rounds

burpees – ready-sets (squat low, fast feet, sprawl every few seconds) – jump squats – leap frogs forward and back (4)

weight circuit – 1 min each exercise (chest and tri today) x2 rounds

wide push ups – db bench press – db bench flyes – narrow push ups – standing db extension – tri kick back

repeat cardio circuit OR 12 min AMRAP

50 jump rope – 10 rotational push up (reg – wide R – reg – wide L = 1) – 10 box jumps


30 sec plank R – 30 sec plank L – V-up hold 30 sec – 25 crunches – 25 oblique crunch L – R


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